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ISO-RAD™ is an ISOFLEX Radioactive LLC company based in St. Rose, LA. We are pleased to serve the needs of the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry by providing an extensive line of high-quality equipment, accessories and services, primarily in the following areas:

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ISO-RAD™ is pleased to announce the new Source Model ISO150, ISO100 and ISO880!  The ISO150, ISO100 and ISO880 are approved for use under Sealed Source and Device Registration (SS&D) LA-1491-S-103-S and LA-1491-S-104-S. The new source models satisfy all regulatory requirements for use with the Source Production and Equipment Company manufactured, Model SPEC-150 Exposure Device/Type B(U) Package, Industrial Nuclear Co. Inc. Model IR-100 Exposure Device/Type B(U) Package, and QSA Global Model 880 Exposure Device/Type B(U) package.  Click here to learn more!

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