SONOWALL 70 A-Scan/B-Scan Thickness Gauge


SONOWALL 70 Standard Kit US Consisting of:
Thickness gauge with IP67 protected aluminum housing, 5’’ auto rotating color screen with 800x480 pixels, SONO-ID port for wireless SONOSCAN probe recognition and data memory, A-scan display, single and dual element probe operation, single-echo mode, echo-echo mode for through-coat measurements, auto gate and range adjustment, integrated probe and material data base, data logger for measurement values and screenshots including CSV/JPG/PNG file export, V-path correction, one and two point calibration, auto probe delay calibration, 16GB internal data storage,  A/B mini USB connector, 2 Lemo-00 probe cable connectors, 16GB microSD card including operating manual, hand strap, desktop stand, Li-Ion battery,  charger with NEMA-5 type plug B (for US, Japan, etc.), transport and storage case, couplant sample, ASTM E 1324 or EN 15317 certificate


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